Dudley’s Wacky Worm Bulk Bundle – 6 Pack


Dudley’s Wacky Worm Bulk Bundle – 6 Pack

David Dudley has won over 4.5 million dollars in his 25 year long career competing in professional bass tournaments. It’s safe to say that he has learned a thing or two about catching bass along the way. Built to David Dudley’s high standards the Dudley’s Wacky Worm will put more fish in your boat! The thick, soft body and double head design gives the Wacky Worm a slow fall and irresistible shimmy that even the most finicky bass can’t pass up.

  • 8 Pack
  • 5 3/8″ Wacky Worm
  • Designed by David Dudley
  • Irresistible Shimmy
  • Unique Double Headed Design

Original price was: $41.94.Current price is: $35.65.

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