Dudley’s Pre-Rigged Ned Rig Kit 9PC

Dudley’s Pre-Rigged Ned Rig Kit 9PC

Use the Perfection Lures® David Dudley Ned Rig Kit to make one of the most effective fish-catching techniques even easier. Ideal for any angler, even those unfamiliar with Ned rigging, this easy-to-use kit includes 3 pre-rigged Ned worms on 1/8-oz. Ned head weighted hooks and 3 spare worms. The baits’ wide, flat body falls with a tempting gliding action. Drag it across the bottom slowly and let the tear-drop shaped tail deliver an irresistibly subtle action begging for instant reaction strikes.

  • Designed by Professional Angler David Dudley
  • (3) 1/8oz Ned Heads
  • (6) Ned Worms
  • Unique Tear Drop Tail Design for Irresistible Action
  • 9-Piece Ned Rig Kit
Dudley Approved


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